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I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term iTunes Drabbles(or occasionally iTunes Challenge), but the gist of it is that you put your iTunes on shuffle and write one short story(80-150 words) for every song that comes up. I haven’t done this in a long time, but I felt really full of ideas today and anxious to write something. Doing this helped me get some stuff out.


The characters I used were original ones that I’m just getting to know. They’re all young(19-23) and called Emery, Olli, Hayes and Spencer. These stories have nothing to do with each other, and I’ve used the characters in different ways with different relationships while still trying to retain their individual essence and feel. Also I haven’t proofread them terrible thoroughly, so you’ll have to excuse any errors.

1. Professor Umbridge – Nicholas Hooper(Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack)
Emery opens his eyes to darkness. The last time he awoke there was darkness too, but there was also a warm body beside him. That warmth was now gone, and the darkness much more poignant and thick. He sits up in the bed and calls for his… friend? Lover? Partner? Olli. He calls for Olli, who he can’t define. He knows that’s part of the problem. Only silence answers him, and he knows abandonment will always be his problem, if his Olli doesn’t return. A sliver of light cuts through the inky darkness, and silently he is swept up in an embrace of warmth. Love now coexists with darkness, both in this room and in his heart.

2. Mine – Taylor Swift(Glee Cast Version)
Hayes looks out on the pond. The image of the sky is reflected in the water. He feels happy, though a little anxious as he waits for his boyfriend. Spencer was always late – he shouldn’t worry. Sprawled out on the grass, he watches the clouds. Taking a deep breath to expel his nervousness, he doesn’t realize the fitful sleep he falls into. When he wakes up there are sirens drifting through the air, and his best friend Olli is shaking him awake. There has been an accident, he shouts. Why is he shouting? The warmth of the summer day rushes out of his body, as another friend runs down to them, bringing the news of death. Flash-forward to a funeral, the funeral, where everything, even the roses, are black. Until Hayes looks out on the pond, and Spencer is walking up to him, hiding something behind his back. “Is this real?” Hayes whispers, and Spencer kneels down beside him to give him a life-confirming, reaffirming, cementing kiss which leaves no doubt in his mind. Spencer pulls out from behind him a brilliant, red rose.

3. A Death Waltz – Jay Brannan
Their eyes met across the dance floor, not for the first time that evening. The old-fashioned ball had appealed to many people, but especially to Olli, who couldn’t stop his eyes from flickering from person to person, their brilliant period clothes the attraction that commanded his eyes. Until him. There was no one dressed as brilliantly as him, but his clothes were far down on the list of why Olli couldn’t tear his eyes away from him. The man’s eyes, his sharp features and his confident gait were all things that commanded attention, and Olli could feel himself move onto the dance floor as a waltz started playing in the background. As if on cue, the man met him in the middle, the couples swirling around them nothing more than background fodder, a picture with the shutter left open for too long even for the most avant garde photographer. With no words exchanged, they held each other and moved in unison to the music. Olli would find himself in the arms of this handsome, mysterious man many times in the future, not sure if his dance ever conveyed the words he couldn’t say.

4. Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
There was never a bottle so compelling as the bottle of whiskey on the table in front of him. Hayes had always been innocent. Well-behaved. The nice boy mothers loved to be introduced to. Then he had met Spencer, who had turned his world upside down. The world of girlfriends and studies and having said girlfriend’s mothers fall in love with him was over. There was only Spencer, that man and his dark eyes and all-knowing smirk. He was kind when he needed to be. So charming and protective and Hayes hadn’t been able to resist. Redefining everything he thought he was had never been so exhausting, and the escape the bottle provided was too valuable not to take advantage of. He didn’t yet have the energy or the courage to face the tall, dark and handsome paradigm shift in his life, and running was so much easier.

5. All time low – The Wanted
After finding Emery in a pool of his own vomit on the floor of his apartment, Spencer, Olli and Hayes decided they couldn’t let this go on. They wouldn’t let their best friend destroy himself, so they cleaned him up, took care of him, and told him the only way left to go was up. They were curious of what had led their friend to this all time low, but they didn’t feel like they could ask. Until Emery himself told them when he woke up for the second time. They were loved. All of them. In different ways and from different points of view, but loved nonetheless. But they were leaving, all moving away, and Emery couldn’t handle it. Their family split up, it was unbearable for the broken boy looking up at them from the bed. Shameful tears burned in his eyes and his black hair sticked to his face with sweat, but he was still swept up in a heart-crushing hug by his family. They reassured him, as best they could, and promised to take care of him wherever they went in the world.

6. Aftermath – Adam Lambert(Glam Nation Live version)
Coming out hadn’t been Olli’s decision, but the situation seemed to take the choice out of his hands. His parents found him in the hospital, holding the hand of an unconscious and to them foreign boy, which by itself would have been explainable. The fact that it was after the bank robbery and Olli himself had dried blood all over his clothes – some of it his own – and that he was clinging to the boy with desperate tears in his eyes, made the whole thing a little more conspicuous. His parents fought with him, but he stayed by the hospital bed until the boy woke up, his red-rimmed, blue eyes looking up at him. Olli smiled through his tears, and leant down to place a soft kiss on the other boy’s chapped lips. Warmth was exchanged through their intertwined hands and love, Olli thought, didn’t have far to go before it too would reach them.

7. Another One Bites the Dust – Queen
The club was teeming with excitement, and the loaded atmosphere as they waited for the main act of the evening never failed to fill Spencer with anticipation. He knew this night’s main act. It was his best friend’s band, and it was the first time he would see them perform. The curtain rose and the music started, and a small smile spread on Spencer’s face. Hayes was standing in the middle of the stage, ridiculously tight leather pants hugging his legs and a ripped shirt on his upper body. Spencer had never seen him look so hot, or hot at all come to think of it, since Spencer wasn’t gay. As soon as Hayes started dancing, though, he knew he would have to reevaluate that assumption. Hot was definitely the right word, and he resolved to tell Hayes that as soon as the show was over, and worry about his sexuality and the integrity of their friendship another day.


A/N: This is something I wrote while in Oxford this summer(taking an English course) where I went against my unoriginality instincts and wrote about where I was. What I knew. Oxford inspired me the day that I wrote this, and I’m very glad I let it. This is one of the short stories I’ve written almost like practice for myself, to not think about everything so much and just let the story guide me. Also to describe looks and surroundings more, as that is one of the major criticisms I’ve gotten from various friends and teachers over the years. You probably won’t be too fond of this unless you’re a sappy romantic just like me.

“I feel like a tourist,” Ben said and continued to bite his thumbnail.
“You are a tourist,” Martin smiled affectionately at him as he took another stroke to propel them further along the Thames, that was more correctly called the Isis as it was running into Oxford. A gust of wind caught their boat making it sway slightly.
“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Ben remarked, continuing his string of falsely negative comments.
Martin knew that Ben didn’t like being in a boat, but he also knew that he loved Oxford, meaning that most of Ben’s protests against doing anything touristy were bound to be simply for the sake of protesting. Rowing further down the river, Martin studied his boyfriend. The over-sized t-shirt with a Beatles print, the long, blonde hair done up in a ponytail, the dark sunglasses giving an air of nonchalance to him(but that was really just a way for him to hide what he was looking at). Like right now, when he was alternating between looking at the scenery and looking at Martin’s bare chest. He really wasn’t trying to show off. The day was just exceptionally hot.

They made an odd couple, Ben and him. Martin was half Greek and tanned all through the year while Ben had ancestors from Scandinavia, which made him pale in the winter and blushed when he was exposed to the sun. Martin was confident and loved to exercise while Ben was more careful and had an insatiable love for ice cream. As did Martin, when he came to think of it. Maybe they weren’t so different after all. Not when it came to ice cream flavours, and not the important stuff either. They had the same religious views, the same political believes and they loved the same music. But above all, they loved each other. Martin stopped rowing, putting the oars down on the sides of the boat and smiled at his boyfriend. He couldn’t suppress the urge to reach forward and kiss him.
“I love you,” he said between kisses, ones that Ben reciprocated happily.
“What’s gotten into you?” Ben asked with a smile on his face.
“You have,” Martin answered and peppered his neck with kisses. The boat swung back and forth as their kissing got more heated, and as Martin leaned further forward the balance was set off. Panting, Ben reached for him, grabbing on to his belt buckle to pull him closer. Neither of them noticed how much the boat was tipping, nor did they think of any possible witnesses to their passionate display of affection, despite the business of the day. The wind grabbed on to them once more, this time causing the already unstable boat to wobble, and just like that the inevitable happened.

At first they were shocked, and Ben managed to swallow a mouthful of dirty water, but then they got themselves together and resolutely swam to shore. Laughing, they sat there on the grass for a good five minutes, before they realised that the boat they had been in was a rental.

EDIT 21st February 2013: I’m a huge Sherlock fan, and I’ve read a fair amount of Johnlock fanfic in my time, but I seriously didn’t realize until now that these characters are called Ben and Martin. Seriously. Perhaps my subconscious was trying to tell me something(though they obviously don’t look like Ben and Martin, but still).